Up until a few months, I didn’t want to even hear about Mac. This has changed with the revolution that M1 did. So, I’ve decided to jump ahead and get a MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM. So far I do not regret my choice. It’s super fast and pleasant to work with.

I did not have any issues with running development apps so far (mainly .NET/Node JS/Frontend), until I had to work with a gRPC service inside of docker.. I will try to describe my journey and what worked for me at the end. …

This story is about going from localhost:8080 to app.local/.


Perhaps you, like me, were having some issues to remember which app is on which port, remembering not to run app on a specific port as it’s already taken or just because you are annoyed by the auto-complete in the browser, based on history. For App A, the URL structure will be different than App B, which is annoying.

End Result

After some digging in relation to a new project, I’ve managed to setup the following infrastructure:

Daniel Stoyanoff

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